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Huaibei Daily

"Huaibei Daily" is the newspaper of the Huaibei Municipal Party Committee of the Communist Party of China. It was published on May 1, 1971. In recent years, Huaibei Daily has firmly established political consciousness, overall consciousness, and sense of responsibility, adhered to the correct orientation of public opinion, adhered to the "public vision, people's livelihood" concept of running newspapers, adhered to an open approach to running newspapers, sang the main theme, and took the initiative Therefore, serving the overall situation, benefiting the people, faithfully witnessing history, comprehensively reflecting the city's great practice of economic and social development, and providing strong public opinion support for the construction of refined Huaibei.

The "Huaibei Daily" is now divided into eight editions. In January 2010, the newspaper took the lead in slimming and revising the provincial and municipal party newspapers; in 2003, it founded the Huaibei Morning News, the first urban newspaper in Huaibei; in 2004 In October, he founded the media business journal "Wanbei Media"; since 2005, he has actively explored and tried to develop new media. He has founded Huaibei News Network, Huaibei Network, Huaibei Mobile Newspaper, Huaibei Digital Newspaper Screen, Mobile Client and other emerging media. . At present, the newspaper has formed an all-dimensional three-dimensional communication pattern of "three newspapers, one magazine and two websites", which provides good conditions for enhancing the leading power of mainstream media in the new media era and promoting cultural innovation in the city.

While doing a good job of news promotion, Huaibei Daily actively adapted to the requirements of the development of the market economy, and took advantage of the trend, reform, innovation, and pragmatic progress. He successively founded Huaibei Daily Publishing Company, Huaibei Newspaper Network Media Company, and Huaibei Newspaper Suntech Cultural Media. The economic entities such as companies, the newspaper industry system is becoming more complete, the comprehensive development strength has been significantly improved, and both economic and social benefits have been harvested, laying a solid foundation for building a local first-rate media industry. Huaibei Daily has become an indispensable force of public opinion and information carrier for Huaibei's economic and social development and people's lives.

The iron shoulders carry the morality, and they cleverly hold the Huazhang. Under the guidance of the spirit of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, all cadres and employees of Huaibei Daily will emancipate their minds, innovate, work hard, forge ahead with a more vigorous spirit, a fuller spirit, and a more solid work. Energy, comprehensively improve the affinity, credibility and influence of local party newspapers, and strive to build a strong mainstream media in northern Anhui.

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