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file-pdf.com )是经安徽省人民政府新闻办公室和中共淮北市委批准,中共淮北市委和淮北市人民政府主管、淮北日报社主办的淮北市 唯一 一家综合性、多媒体新闻门户网站, 也是目前 淮北 市唯一一家可以从事登载传播新闻信息的综合性新闻网站 Huaibei News Network ( file-pdf.com ) is the only comprehensive and multi-media news portal in Huaibei City, which was approved by the Anhui Provincial People's Government News Office and the CPC Huaibei Municipal Committee. , Is also the only comprehensive news website in Huaibei that can engage in the dissemination of news information . It is the fourth largest mainstream news media in our city after newspapers, radio and television.

4 0 余年历史的《淮北日报》的新闻和人才资源。 As the new front for the Huaibei Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China and the Huaibei Municipal Government, the Huaibei News Network has the most authoritative news content resources in Huaibei and more than 40 years of news and talent resources in the Huaibei Daily. 坚持高标准规划、高起点建设,以新闻为主 ,多种形式相结合,每天提供 权威、及时的 淮北 新闻,并汇集了 淮北市社会、经济、文化、生活等各方面最新信息 资讯 ,全方位、多角度、立体式地报道淮北发展的新闻资讯。 Since its establishment in February 2005, Huaibei News Network has always adhered to high-standard planning and a high starting point construction, focusing on news , combining various forms, providing authoritative and timely Huaibei news every day , and bringing together the social, economic, The latest information and information in all aspects of culture and life, covering all-round, multi-angle and three-dimensional reports of the development of Huaibei.

新闻 网涵盖政治、经济、军事、文化、旅游、交通、休闲、体育、娱乐、历史、购物、教育、医疗、美容、楼市等社会的方方面面,无论你是浏览新闻、查阅资料、发表博文、论坛灌水、发布广告,还是看报纸、逛商城、打游戏、听音乐、找新书、交朋友,或者是找饭店、买汽车、租售二手商品,只要是您生活需要的,淮北 新闻 网都会为您提供相关服务 ,是 第一时间了解国内外及淮北各种信息的最佳网上媒体,是淮北 地区 最具权威性最快捷最全面的综合性对外宣传网络平台。 The Huaibei News Network covers all aspects of society such as politics, economy, military, culture, tourism, transportation, leisure, sports, entertainment, history, shopping, education, medical treatment, beauty, and the property market, whether you are browsing the news, checking information, publishing blog posts, Forum irrigation, advertising, or reading newspapers, shopping malls, playing games, listening to music, finding new books, making friends, or looking for restaurants, buying cars, renting and selling second-hand goods, as long as you need it, Huaibei News Network will The relevant services you provide are the best online media for you to understand all kinds of information at home and abroad and Huaibei for the first time. It is the most authoritative, fast, and comprehensive comprehensive external publicity network platform in Huaibei .

Issue authoritative news in Huaibei to guide Xiangcheng's life. 权威、准确、实用 为特色 以实用性为基准,构建淮北市的 百科全书 和广大网民的温馨家园 ,努力形成网上宣传和产业发展强势。 Huaibei News Network is characterized by " authoritative, accurate, and practical " and uses practicality as a benchmark to build the " encyclopedia " of Huaibei City and the warm home of the majority of Internet users , striving to form a strong online propaganda and industrial development strength. 新闻网以建设一流的地方新闻网站为目标,真正实现 淮北 走向世界,让世界了解 淮北” Huaibei News Network aims to build a first-class local news website, and truly realizes let Huaibei go to the world and let the world know about Huaibei” .