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Fanghua has no regrets--Huang Wenxiu, a young communist who sticks to his original intention and mission with his life

In her life, she was 30 years old in Fanghua.

She graduated from Beijing Normal University with a master's degree, gave up her job opportunity in a big city, and returned to the old revolutionary district of Baise. She chose to be a first secretary in a poor village, stuck her feet in the soil, and worked hard to overcome the poverty. His father, rushing to the affected people in the rain late at night, facing the danger and advancing steadily, unfortunately encountered a sudden flash flood, and his young life will always be on the road to poverty alleviation ...

She is Huang Wenxiu, the first secretary of Baijing Village, Xinhua Town, Leye County, Baise City, Guangxi.

The dazzling youthful years pass by like a shooting star, shining the night sky. Countless people inside and outside Zhuang Township, online and offline, have deep feelings of remembrance and endless grief, and have deep respect for this young Communist Party member's original intention and mission.

Forging ahead: towards the affected people

Whenever it enters the rainy season, the Baise Dashi Mountain Area in Guangxi is often hit by floods, landslides, landslides and other natural disasters. On the evening of June 16, a lightning flash, thunderstorms poured, and a mountain road from Baise to Leye County was flooded by sudden floods. Huang Wenxiu was hit by a mountain torrent on his way back to the music industry and was unfortunately killed.

The wiper on the car window was wiping at high frequency, but the road was not clear under the lights. Only the rolling flood passed through the eyes ... From the last picture taken by Huang Wenxiu with his mobile phone, we can see the scene at that time How dangerous it is.

In the unit's work group, colleagues have left a message to Huang Wenxiu: "It's too dangerous, turn around quickly!" "Pay attention to safety!" "Don't take the night ..." However, after 1 am, Huang was no longer in the group. Wen Xiu's reply, her phone could not be reached ...

Many colleagues have been following the news of Huang Wenxiu, and everyone's hearts are tightly stunned. Colleague Cheng Ming said that on the morning of the 17th, it was learned that a landslide had occurred in the section of Lingyun County and a vehicle was washed away by a torrent of flood. She and several colleagues immediately rushed to the landslide site. At this time, Huang Wenxiu's name appeared on the list of missing persons.

The rescue has been carried out nervously, and the waiting time is tormenting. Huang Wenxiu's family, colleagues, friends, and villagers still have hope in their hearts. However, what came on June 18 was bad news.

Colleagues' persuasion and his father's retention failed to retain Huang Wenxiu.

Huang Wenxiu used to go home on the weekend to visit his father who had completed the second liver cancer surgery. Seeing the sudden change in weather, he hurriedly returned to Baijing Village on the 16th. The father on the bed was very worried: "The weather forecast says that there is heavy rain at night. It is not safe to drive back to the village now. Will you come back tomorrow morning?"

"Because of the heavy rain, I had to rush back. I was afraid that the village would be affected. I had to leave immediately." Facing his father's retention, Huang Wenxiu told him to "take medicine on time" and set off for the village. No one had expected this to be the last word left by Huang Wenxiu to his father.

Along the way, she kept in touch with the village party branch and village committee officials to inquire about the local rain and disaster situation. In particular, she urged to pay attention to several key villages and villages, and immediately organize mass disaster prevention and relief.

Recalling the situation that night, the village party branch secretary Zhou Changzhan choked several times: "In such a dangerous situation, she is thinking about the disaster in the village ..."

Youth Choice: "I'm the one to return"

Huang Wenxiu, born in 1989, is cheerful and lively. The classmates' impression of her was: she loves beauty, likes to wear skirts, plays guzheng, writes well, and learns to concentrate on painting with a little time. She always exuded a warm sunshine.

Graduation season 2016. Located at the crossroads of life, many students are worried about finding a good job opportunity. Huang Wenxiu also has many options, but she did not miss the bustling city, she resolutely returned to the old revolutionary district of Baise, and worked as an excellent candidate for the Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department.

Baise is located in the western part of Guangxi and has poor natural conditions. It is one of the main battlefields for fighting poverty in Guangxi. On March 26, 2018, Huang Wenxiu responded to the organization's call and served as the first secretary of Baiye Village in Leye County. He Xiaoyan, the head of the Propaganda Department of the Baise Municipal Party Committee, recalled: "When the unit asked her about the work in the village, she did not hesitate to agree. Her father did not say anything about the seriousness of the cancer, and we did not know it at the time.

A classmate asked her why she gave up her opportunity to work in a big city and returned to a poor hometown. She replied: "A lot of people don't want to go back when they go out from the countryside, but there are always people who want to come back. I am the one who wants to come back."

Why did Huang Wenxiu insist on being the "person to return"? Huang Shijing, a poor household in Baijing Village, had a dialogue with Huang Wenxiu.

Huang Shijing asked: "Everyone says that you are a graduate student in Beijing. Why do you work in such a remote rural area as us?" Huang Wenxiu said: "Bose is the main battlefield for poverty alleviation. What is my reason not to come? Our party is really The masses seek to develop a happy party. I am a Communist and this is my mission. "

Huang Shijing's son and daughter are all in college, and life is difficult. Huang Wenxiu helped his child apply for the Yulu program for education. Huang Shijing asked the children to study hard in school and actively fight for the party. The daughter who attended the Guangxi Medical University has submitted an application for party membership.

People who know Huang Wenxiu say that she is a person who is grateful. Due to her parents' poor health and poor family background, Huang Wenxiu completed her education through the state's education policy. After entering college, she actively approached the party organization and became a Communist with her excellent performance in both academic and academic performance.

Huang Wenxiu wrote in his application to join the party: "Only by integrating personal pursuits into the party's ideal, the ideal can be even greater. If one wants to live meaningfully and survive, he cannot live for himself. Use your own strength to contribute to the country, the nation, and society. "

Huang Wenxiu's father understood her daughter and supported her choice: "When you join the party, you must work for the party and return to your hometown to be a clean public servant."

Beauty is a girl's nature. Huang Wenxiu quietly "hidden" her beauty after joining the poverty alleviation cause. Jiang Jinlin, a sister of Beijing Normal University and a teacher of the 18th Middle School in Nanning, said that when studying in Beijing, Wen Xiu always dressed herself up. But when she became the first secretary of the village, she put away her beautiful skirt, put on sportswear and ran among the mountains and villages, and she had a strong rural atmosphere.

The laughing girl didn't even have time to think about her marriage affairs. Leaders and colleagues cared for her many times, and the enthusiastic person wanted to introduce her to her. She replied: "Wait until the fathers and mothers of Baiyi Village are out of poverty, I must love them once and let the folks be witnesses."

Overcoming poverty: "The Long March in My Heart"

Baishan Village, which is lined with rocks, is a deeply impoverished village. Among the 472 households in the village, there are 195 poor households. 11 natural villages are scattered. The farthest village is 13 kilometers from the village, and several villages are more than 10 kilometers. When he first arrived in the village, Huang Wenxiu touched a "nail".

"We have been poor for so many years, can we really get rid of poverty?" "Are you a girl, can you do it?" Some villagers have commented. When Huang Wenxiu opened his mouth, he spoke Mandarin, and even ate "closed door" when knocking on the door of poor households. After finally getting in, they opened their notebooks, but the masses were reluctant to say more.

When we are out of poverty, we do n’t wait for it. We must open the work situation as soon as possible. Huang Wenxiu crying anxiously and returned to the dormitory at night to sleep all night.

To gain the trust of the masses, we must treat the masses from the heart as relatives, anxious what they are anxious about what they think, and truly mingle with them. Huang Wenxiu consulted with colleagues in the village and an old branch secretary in the village, and realized the truth. Soon she changed her working method. When the poor households no longer asked the East and West to take the book, they took off their coats and helped the yard to do farm work. When the poor households were not at home, she went to the field to help them pick sugar oranges, Planting camellia and working at home while working; she no longer speaks Mandarin and learns to speak in tongues ...

Poor household Huang Bangxuan wanted to apply for subsistence allowances, because he did not meet the conditions for inclusion in the subsistence allowances and failed to do so, he did not open the door to Huang Wenxiu. Once failed, Huang came to the door twice or three times. "My surname is Huang, too. I call your brother. Brother is so smart and diligent that he can run well."

Huang Wenxiu patiently did Huang Bangxuan's ideological work: There are many national poverty alleviation policies, so why focus on the minimum guarantee policy? Relying on the minimum living standard can only solve the basic living problems. You have to work hard to get rid of poverty, and you can't wait to do it yourself to be glorious. After making sense, Huang Bangxuan smiled. Huang Wenxiu helped him to win the 7000 yuan industry award for supplementary funds to grow fruits, and the Huang family went out of poverty. Since then, they have been siblings.

The 53-year-old poverty-stricken household Wei Naiqing faced reporters, tears rolling in his eyes. Lao Wei clearly remembered that Huang Wenxiu ran to his house 12 times, carefully understood the actual difficulties, analyzed the causes of poverty, discussed the countermeasures, and helped him apply for a poverty alleviation loan to plant 20 acres of camellia trees, which successfully achieved poverty alleviation in 2018. "She helped me wholeheartedly, like my daughter!"

Huang Wenxiu often didn't go home on weekends, visited all the poor households in the village, and also plotted the "poor household distribution map" in the village. Each household's address, family situation, cause of poverty, etc. are marked in the notebook one by one .

The masses accepted Huang Wenxiu from the beginning to love her and respect her. Some people joked, "It's really hard for you to be tangled!"

The mountain road is too far away, and Huang Wenxiu still has to go to towns and counties for meetings from time to time. In order to improve work efficiency, she drove her private car to the village for work. After spending one year in the village on March 26 this year, the mileage of the car dashboard increased by 25,000 kilometers. On the same day, she sent a WeChat circle of friends: "The Long March in My Heart!"

Huang Wenxiu once said to his friends, "During the Long March, soldiers are not afraid of death. How can this difficulty limit my progress on the road of poverty alleviation?" "As the first secretary of the village, I won't win, and I won't retreat!"

Persist in Mission: Create a New World

The road to poverty reduction is full of hardships. Huang Wenxiu visited the poor households during the day and visited the poor households to analyze the causes of poverty. At night, he worked with the "Village and Village Committees" to study poverty alleviation measures and work out the work plan. Late at night, she lived alone in a cottage of less than 10 square meters in the village.

She gave the village's poverty-relief working group a resounding name— "The super-strong surface team in the village of Baijing Village for revitalization."

To achieve precise poverty alleviation, infrastructure is the key. There are 5 villages in Baituo Village with difficult transportation. Although gravel roads were opened many years ago, the roads have been damaged by rain and the roads have been damaged. The steep sections of the rainy season cannot even pass motorcycles, which not only affects travel but also restricts industrial development.

Huang Wenxiu was impatient. The village cadre remembered that during that time, she took the “village two committees” team to stay up all night to make plans, take countermeasures, apply for projects in towns and counties, and organized the implementation. At present, two roads have been repaired, and the remaining 3 roads have been included in Leye County's first batch of financial special poverty alleviation funds for 2019.

Without the poverty alleviation industry, sustainable development cannot be achieved. In order to solve the shortage of industries in the mountains, Huang Wenxiu led village cadres and the masses to learn from the experience, find a way, based on local resources, and vigorously develop characteristic industries such as fir, sugar orange, star anise, and coriander. Party members lead the demonstration.

Docking the market is a key link to increase the income of the poor. Baitang Village has grown from more than 500 acres to 2,000 acres. In order to open up sales, Huang Wenxiu contacted various parties, invited merchants to the village, and even sent sales information in the WeChat circle of friends. Fruit merchants from other provinces such as Yunnan and Guizhou came to the village and bought tens of thousands of pounds of granulated orange. The big trucks drove in one after another, jamming the village roads.

Huang Wenxiu also set up an e-commerce service station in Baijing Village. In 2018, e-commerce sold more than 40,000 kilograms of sugar oranges and sales of 220,000 yuan. Poor households who planted sugar oranges increased their income by more than 2,500 yuan per household.

With the help of Huang Wenxiu, the villagers Huangmei Line loaned an oil press, started processing small-scale agricultural products, and successfully eliminated poverty. Huang Meixian said sadly: "Wenxiu can help me with everything. I'm out of poverty, but she's gone. What a good girl, what a good secretary!" When mentioning Huang Wenxiu, Wei Naiqing, the man of the Zhuang ethnic group, red-eyed: " Secretary Huang also came to my house a few days ago to take away my grandson's hospital reimbursement materials. Now that the money has arrived, she can never return. "

Huang Wenxiu's enthusiasm brought her the desired harvest, and the poverty-stricken mountain villages of the past changed. In 2018, 88 poor households in Baijing Village achieved poverty alleviation, and the incidence of poverty dropped from 22.88% to 2.71%.

On June 14th, Huang Wenxiu wore a red vest with "First Secretary Huang Wenxiu", supported his hands on the loess, climbed to the side of the river ditch to see the water conservancy facilities destroyed by heavy rain, and organized a village cadre to formulate a repair plan that night. Immediately after returning to the village, it will not affect mass production.

This is the last back she left in the village.

Faithful: "She is an example to our youth"

On the morning of June 22, the ashes of Huang Funxiu in the funeral home of Baise City were placed in the green cypress bushes, covered with bright red Communist Party flags. In the farewell crowd, a thin old man stared at the statue above for a long time, old tears. He is Huang Zhongxiu, Huang Wenxiu's father.

Huang Wenxiu's last circle of friends showed her the nutrition she bought for her father. A father suffering from cancer understands that apart from the major issue of poverty alleviation, his daughter misses his health well.

After two operations, Huang Zhongjie had difficulty swallowing, but he said he would be strong: "I try to eat now every day. Although it is difficult to eat, in order to let Wenxiu rest assured, I have to swallow hard ...

The father once said to his daughter that without the Communist Party, our family cannot escape poverty. Huang Wenxiu chose to return to work in his hometown. He was very pleased and often told her to work seriously for the party and for the masses. Facing the cadres who came to condolences, Huang Zhongjie declined the condolences: "We can't give the party and the country trouble. The money can be used to help the poor in the village."

The father knew his daughter's filial piety and was very proud of her daughter's fulfillment of his first wish. The old man has wanted to "look at Tiananmen" for many years. During Huang Wenxiu's university, he studied part-time while studying, saved money to save money, and sent his father to Beijing to help him realize this wish.

However, Huang Wenxiu did not have the opportunity to realize his father's another wish, and the elderly wanted to visit Chairman Mao's former residence in Shaoshan. Sister Huang Aijuan said with tears: "Sister please rest assured, my father's wish for the sister must be done for you."

Looking at the silver bracelet on her wrist, Huang Wenxiu's mother in her sixties was sad. This year's Women's Day, Huang Wenxiu bought this gift for her mother. The inside of the bracelet is engraved with the words "Daughter Loves You".

Huang Wenxiu's colleagues, classmates, and friends know that this sensible girl deeply loves her parents and relatives. However, as the first secretary, she always kept the poor people in the village in her heart. For the people, she often ignored family relationships.

Jiang Jinlin said: "Wen Xiu returned to her hometown to participate in poverty alleviation in order to gain gratitude and pay back. She understands gratitude, and her persistence in her original heart is admirable."

Chen Yuexiang and Huang Wenxiu went to the same village as the first secretary of a poor village in Leye County. They used to talk about the experience of working in the village together, and felt the hardship of devoting themselves to poverty alleviation, and the joy of seeing the people get out of poverty. Chen Yuexiang recalled that when the night was quiet, Huang Wenxiu would pick up the guitar and sing a few favorite songs softly against the stars in the sky.

"Wen Xiu's life coincided with Fanghua's abrupt halt, which was extremely painful. She adhered to her original mission and used her life to practice a Communist's unparalleled loyalty to her faith, worthy of the title of" model of the era. " Lu Yan, a good friend and former secretary of Shangmeng Village in Lingyun County, Baise, said, "She is an example for our youth and will inspire us to take action for the cause of the party and the people."

"Fanghua is short, but it blooms brilliantly, and the fragrance will last forever!" After Huang Wenxiu's death, her friend Li Li looked at Wen Xiu's paintings and couldn't help crying. The two paintings left by Huang Wenxiu, one is a sketch of a father carrying his little daughter on his back, the picture is warm and touching; the other is a watercolor painting in which a golden sunflower is blooming against the sun.

Source: Xinhua News Agency

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