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One of China's East Pole Stories: "The New Legend of the Pig" from "Boot Tun"


↑ This is a corner of Haixing Village, Haiqing Town, Fuyuan City, taken by drone on December 18. Xinhua News Agency (Photo by Xie Jianfei)

Xinhua News Agency, Harbin, December 25 (Reporters Zou Dapeng, Yang Xun and Xie Jianfei) At the age of 65, Yan Peng began to learn to be a "pig hoe." At first, he was reluctant to raise pigs in his heart: "I lost my whole life, and caused another famine. I couldn't find the tone when I cried!"

Haixing Village, located on the banks of the Ussuri River in the Sino-Russian border, is a border village in Haiqing Township, Fuyuan City, "the East of China". Thirty years ago, Yan Peng and his wife Shi Guizhi came here to invest in their own lives and worked hard to cultivate a few hectares of paddy fields.

"At that time, the village was all mud cottages, and my dream was to build a brick and tile house." Yan Peng recalled that the alleyways in the village were all "cement" roads, and the rain accumulated the water soaked in mud and did not cross his knees. Tun, the nickname "Boot Tun" came from this.

After all, it was a bitter taste for the bitter days. In 2002, an accident at his son's house made the old couple not be able to transfer the paddy fields to help him pay off the debt. "The ground is gone. An anxiety got a cerebral infarction, my wife and a heart attack, and it felt like the sky was falling." Yan Peng, who had been whispered, frowned deeply, leaving only one incisor in his upper teeth.

After 90s, Fu Hongxiang, a poverty-relief cadre in Fuyuan City, was a little dazed when he first came to Lao Yan's house: the low mud thatched houses were about to collapse, the window frames had decayed, the glass was cracked, and some of them were stuck together with adhesive tape. The most uncomfortable thing is that the old couple's faces are marked with helplessness and numbness towards poverty.

There are 7 poor households like Yan Peng in Haixing Village. In 2015, the Central Working Conference on Poverty Alleviation and Development was held in Beijing, and the assault slogan of fighting against poverty reached the "boots" of China's East Pole.


↑ This is a sow and piglets raised in Yan Peng's house, shot on December 25th. Xinhua News Agency

There is a saying in the folk saying, "There are ten million in the home, and no hair is counted." When the poverty alleviation team proposed to raise a sow, Lao Yan was very reluctant to say: "It's better to just toss some rice noodles. I can't even afford corn feed, but can I raise a pig?"

The village team used old bricks to help Lao Yan to build a simple pigpen. He also sent a sow worth more than 2,000 yuan, but a 150 yuan bag of corn feed made him difficult. He could only buy one at a time. Bags have to be credited.

In the first litter, 9 piglets were laid. After raising more than 200 catties, each pig could sell for more than 1,000 yuan. Lao Yan, who saw the money turning back, came to his head. In 2017, he built a new pighouse through a poverty alleviation loan, which grew from a sow to a maximum of 60 pigs.

In the northeast, it was cold in the morning, and the sky was still not bright. His wife burned a wood fondue. Yan Peng carried more than 70 kilograms of burden and began to feed the pigs to clean the pigsty. Although the pighouse has an unpleasant smell, there is no residual feces on the concrete floor washed by the water. The pigs in Baihuahua's inventory are shiny and clean, and the "Lisuo" Lao Yan is proud of it.

"Cutting the umbilical cord of the piglet, spitting amniotic fluid, cutting teeth, and preventing epidemics. These techniques were all conceived by himself and took us out of the camp!" Fu Hongxiang said, when there are not enough people, he and his colleagues will After busy running in the pigsty.

Lao Yan's house has been a "heart disease" of the work team. In 2017, they sought policy support and helped Lao Yan build a 68-square-meter color steel house. "This plastic window, big glass, is also bright in the heart." Sitting cross-legged on a hot hoe, I was so hot that I couldn't help but want to lie down and "burn my waist".

But the old Yan family did not dare to relax. "Don't be afraid to earn more money if you can move? The party's policy is so good, we can't lie on the government!" The old couple's self-improvement is moving.

In 2017, 10 out of 7 poor households in Haixing Village were lifted out of poverty, and the whole village withdrew from the poor villages. One year later, Fuyuan City withdrew from the state-level impoverished county sequence and took off the "poor hat" worn for 25 years.

Lao Yan's "pig hoe" worked even harder. In October this year, selling pigs received more than 40,000 yuan in cash. "I haven't seen so much cash in my life, and the waist stick is hard!" Yan Peng, "rich in wealth," bought more than 40 bags of feed at a time.

"The only uncomfortable thing is that the first sow was smashed by the piglet and finally sold for 800 yuan. I was really reluctant at the time!" Shi Guizhi secretly wiped away tears. She originally wanted to raise this "meritor sow" until old. Lao Yan on the side hurriedly interjected: "We don't have 5 other 'girls' in this column, all the same!"

"Yes, yes, ma'am, you have to look far and wide. Look at the newly built Shashixiang Road in our village to help the poor. Isn't it better than the muddy road in the past!" Fu Hongxiang came from his home and school before helping the poor Then came to the "Three Doors" cadres of the Municipal Party Committee. Now they burn stoves, dig dry toilets, and pick water. They are doing a good job, and they don't say a word. "Do something practical. Loved ones. "

The old couple's interest was raised again. "Yes, work hard, strive to raise pigs, buy trolleys, and let Sun Tzu take us to Beijing and Inner Mongolia for a stroll. I haven't been there for a lifetime!" The 68-year-old Yan set the "small target" and picked The burden went to live in the pigsty again.

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