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Love the masses

Xiang Shuli, Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee and Director of the Office

"What was the original intention of the Communist Party members? That was to have the party and the people in their hearts and serve the people wholeheartedly!" Since taking office in July 2018, Xu Shunli has always used this sentence to weigh his words and deeds. He never slacked off when the masses thought and was anxious; in the face of distress and danger, he rushed ahead; under his active promotion, Qingxiangqiaojia Tianxia Property Co., Ltd. in the jurisdiction first tried to build a "red butler" party building service brand. To further improve the level of service to the people, it has become a bright color for the party building brand in the entire region and even the city.

No matter how small the mass is, it is a big thing

Repair broken manhole covers, clear sewers that have been blocked for many days, mediate neighborhood disputes caused by dogs and dogs ... Since the launch of the "Party Member Visits the Grid at the Beginning of the Grid" campaign, Sandikou Subdistrict and the community under its jurisdiction helped the people to solve similar There are thousands of questions.

Sandikou has 10 communities and nearly 70,000 residents. In recent years, due to the many problems left over from requisition and demolition, the infrastructure of some old communities is weak and the opinions of the masses are relatively large. Just a mayor's hotline with a high rate of dial-ups keeps people from top to bottom busy.

No matter how small the masses are, it is a big deal. Xu Shunli had his brains and promoted the activity of "Party members enter the grid to visit the heart" to let the incumbent party members go down, meet and speak with the masses, and treat the seemingly trivial issues, but it is a matter of residents' peace and comfort Find it out and fix it.

"Three-level" party members (double-reported party members in urban areas, all street party and community incumbent party members) all participated in, one theme per month, and visits were normalized. Every party member should bring a “letter to the masses” explaining the content of the visit, and issue a “convenience service card” containing information about street departments, communities, and contact party members. "Accordingly, the residents' opinions and suggestions on the streets and communities, the evaluation of party members and cadres, and the main problems reflected were promptly promoted and resolved. Xu Shunli took the lead in doing things first. During daily research and visits, he often saw him standing on the side of the road listening to opinions, standing around in a circle, and forgetting time when talking.

Speaking of Xu Shunli, Li Shimei, a resident of the textile community, couldn't help tears of gratitude. Li Shimei's son and daughter-in-law divorced, and the young granddaughter suffered from blindness due to glaucoma-induced diabetes, all relying on her husband's pension and her son's working outside to maintain living and treatment costs. The streets and communities took special care of them. Xu Shunli often went to their homes to ask for warmth and sent daily necessities and condolences to make the whole family feel the warmth of the care of the party and the government.

Where there is difficulty, there is him

Everyday concerns the warmth and cold of the masses, and in the face of urgency and danger, the one who rushes to the front is always Xu Shunli.

During the heavy rain disaster in August 2018, the small bungalows in the Liuqiao community became a “severely affected area”. The pouring rain poured down like a column, all poured into the house, and 199 residents were in danger. Knowing the danger, Xu Shunli quickly led the armed minister and militia to the scene, and each family evacuated. "I don't leave, I will die in my own house." In the afternoon, the water level is still on his knees. In the evening, it has risen to waist-deep, without the low bed in the hut. Wheelchair, unwilling to leave. No way, Xu Shunli commanded everyone to lift the old lady off the bed, put it on her own back, move her deep, shallow to her back to a safe place. Regardless of the sweat on his face, he turned and rushed into the heavy rain again.

"Where there are difficulties, Director Xu's figure appears, and the residents trust him", recalling that Wang Xinjuan, secretary of the Liuqiao community, praised him repeatedly. On the same day, after soaking in the sewage for more than 7 hours, all the trapped people were successfully transferred, and no one was killed or injured because of the disaster. After the people were resettled to a nearby school, hospital, and the living materials were delivered in place, Xu Shunli swallowed one. Instant noodles, go back to the office and take a break. Xu Shunliu, who was still thinking about the disaster in shallow sleep, did not know. His father-in-law's house far away from Suixi Town was also hit by a heavy rain. Fortunately, he moved in time. However, the wooden door soaked in water in his home is still half rolled up and cannot be used.

Recently, another work in Sandikou Subdistrict has been confirmed by the district party committee and government-Zhuzhuang shantytown reconstruction and relocation. 163 households and 570 people signed the contract in two batches, all completed on the day of signing the contract. In order to complete the popular project that the people pay close attention to, at the beginning of the relocation, Xu Shunli promoted the party members, mass representatives, and prestigious old comrades to form a "Self-Reform Committee" to read the policies door-to-door and obtain support. Work overtime for more than a month. "You really treat your home as a hotel." It is rare to get along with your husband who leaves early and returns late. His wife is both complaining and distressed.

The precious flowers and plants in the residents' homes were nowhere to be transferred, and they were specially vacated for temporary resettlement in the backyards of the streets; the elderly could not find new residences, and sought more than 20 resettlement houses to let them live in peace ... Sincerely for the sake of the people, Xu successfully harvested from The simplest respect and support of the masses. During the relocation, more than 20 residents took the initiative to move out of the old house before the compensation was paid. So far, the shantytown project has been basically demolished, and the Xiangshan shed renovation record of zero strong demolition and zero petition has been achieved.

"Red Housekeeper" Co-governance and Common Home

At the beginning of this year, Mr. Zhang, who was nearly 90 years old, had a heart attack in the hometown of Qingxiaqiao Community, and his wife called the property for help. After the staff quickly rushed to the scene, they happened to be on the elevator for maintenance. They could only lift the old man downstairs. After several cold days, several people were sweating. Fortunately, it seamlessly docked with the 120 doctors who arrived in time, and the elderly turned to danger after being admitted to the hospital. "Before I knew how to collect money, how could there be such a good service!" The old man was excited when he mentioned the matter.

The property management fees are high, but the service awareness is not high; there is a lack of effective communication between the property and the owner, and disputes occur from time to time. During the investigation visit, Xu Shunli was worried about the troubles of the residents.

"Leveraging the core role of the party organization, allowing residents to participate and manage their own homes together." Based on full investigation and learning from advanced experience, at the end of last year, Xu Shunli made a bold innovation and proposed to build a "red butler" party building service in the world community. Brand, by establishing a three-level organizational structure of "Street Party Working Committee-Community Party Branch-Property Company Party Branch", giving full play to the autonomy of the owner committee, building the "four in one" of the general party branch, community neighborhood committee, owner committee, and property company "Mode of operation.

"Four companies" cooperated with each other to visit homes, regularly collected residents' opinions and suggestions on property work, held a joint meeting of property work every month, and provided on-site feedback and exchanges to solve property problems. The community party organization also jointly established 11 volunteer service teams with the property company, calling on party members and the masses to actively participate, recognize posts and responsibilities, from policing patrols, environmental sanitation to elderly care, to provide quality services and simultaneously carry out party work Pass the party's voice and send the party's care to millions of households, which have been "liked" by the residents.

The "red housekeeper" small fulcrum, leveraging the new look of the community. Xu Shunli said that in the next step, the streets will also try to install community and other sporadic buildings in the project office to promote community-owned properties, change the situation of unmanaged and poorly managed, and make homes more liveable and the people happier.

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