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Lovers love to return

——Remember teachers Xie Jun and Zhou Xiaomei of Huaibei Vocational and Technical College

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Those who love to go back to love, and those who are blessed to come.

When he was young, his father told Xie Jun: "Being a man must be good and good." Although at that time, he didn't understand the true meaning of "good and good", his father's charity left a deep mark on Xie Jun's young mind. Actions explain to children what love and good deeds are. Seeing a neighbor in need, even a passerby, he will certainly give a helping hand if he can help. It was also his father's words and deeds that made Xie Jun's best interpretation of love.

After becoming an adult, Xie Jun, who has been a teacher, and his wife, Zhou Xiaomei, have been embracing each other for many years, devoting love to each other without asking for returns, and being praised by those around them.

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Love is selfless dedication

After graduating from the Fine Arts Department of the former Huaibei Coal Teachers College, Xie Jun and Zhou Xiaomei entered the Huaibei Vocational and Technical College to teach art courses, and have a strong interest in traditional folk art paper-cutting, creating a large number of works.

In teaching, many students became very interested in paper cutting, and repeatedly asked them to learn from both of them after class. Although it was paid free of charge outside the class, the couple Xie Jun agreed decisively. Since 2003, Xie Jun and Zhou Xiaomei have insisted on volunteering to help students, starting from the basics and teaching them hand in hand. Seeing everyone conscientiously studying and making continuous progress, Xie Jun's heart was full of joy and mobilized everyone to hold a teacher-student paper-cut art exhibition together. The paper-cut works on display exhibited clear themes and exquisite lines, attracting more and more attention of teachers and students.

In response to the strong demands of the teachers and students of the college, with the care and support of the school's Party Committee Propaganda Department and the Youth League Committee, the Huaibei Vocational and Technical College Non-Heritage Cultural Heritage Association Paper-cut Art Heritage Class was established in February 2019, with Xie Jun and Zhou Xiaomei as instructors. In addition to completing their administrative and teaching duties, they set aside two afternoons a week to tutor the association's students to cut paper, and the workload soared.

After a period of teaching, Xie Jun found that some students were talented in paper-cutting. He discussed with his wife to instruct these students separately. However, it was difficult to squeeze time for additional things during normal working hours. After discussion, the couple arrived on time at 7:40 every morning, and rushed to counseling before class at 8:50.

Under their careful guidance, many students' paper-cutting works won awards in the paper-cutting contest and the vocational skills competition for normal students. Among them, student Wang Shan won the third prize in the student group at the 8th National Aesthetic Education Exhibition. This is not only a reward to the students for their hard work, but also an acknowledgement to the Xie Jun couple.

Love is caring

In order to alleviate the pressure of life of the students with difficulties in the family and make them study at ease, for many years Xie Jun has been actively fighting for opportunities for work and school work in and out of school for them.

There was a student in the 2002 class clothing class. His hometown was in the rural village of Linquan. His family life was very difficult. He couldn't afford the tuition and only ate two meals a day. But the student had a strong sense of self-esteem and was never willing to accept direct financial help from others. After learning about this situation, Xie Jun contacted a wall painting job through the community, and took the student to complete the work together on weekends. In the end, nearly one thousand yuan was paid to the student so as not to damage the self-esteem of the other party. Way to help him solve the problem of living expenses.

There was also a poor family student who accidentally lost 800 yuan at noon. This was almost half of her living expenses, and she fainted anxiously. Xie Jun immediately took her to the hospital for treatment, and patiently enlightened her to face life positively after the student woke up.

One day in the first semester of 2018, Xie Jun was in a class at the medical department. A student suddenly fell on his back and had difficulty breathing. Xie Jun contacted the hospital while organizing students with first aid knowledge. Considering that the distance from the urban area to the university city is quite long, it takes a long time for the 120 ambulance to arrive, and it is likely to delay the optimal treatment time. Xie Jun confirmed that the physical condition of the sick student was allowed and accompanied by his classmates. Sick students were sent to the Municipal People's Hospital. They also contacted the hospital's cardio-cerebral-vascular department through friends on the way. The hospital opened a green channel on purpose. After careful examination and treatment, the student recovered quickly.

Now, although Xie Jun has been transferred from the department to the Party branch of the college organ and left the teaching line, he always pays attention to the poor students and provides them with as many work-study positions as possible. More than ten students have obtained Funding.

Love is bit by bit

"Caring and helping others is more than just shouting slogans. One party arrives at ten words. Real caring and helping others requires practical action." Xie Jun said.

In 1999, by chance, Xie Jun met two elderly people in Northeast China who worked in Huaibei. The children of the elderly were working far away. After a period of getting along, the Xie Jun couple took the initiative to take care of the two elderly people.

In the past 20 years, two elderly people have been hospitalized for several times, especially during the time when an elderly man was hospitalized for a spinal fracture and an elderly man was undergoing kidney surgery. The children of the elderly were unable to return to take care of the work. Took responsibility. Unit, family, child, hospital ... The two ran back and forth every day until the two old people recovered and were discharged. Not only that, in the past 20 years, Xie Jun's family of three had more than ten Spring Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, birthdays and spent with two elderly people.

Someone once asked: "These two elderly people are not related to you, what are you trying to do?" Xie Jun smiled and said, "If there is a purposeful help between people, that is Use, there is no human touch, this is not what I hope. "

The Xie Jun family also went to the city's social welfare center several times to visit the orphans and children there, donate money and materials for them, and drive the love around them with the influence of actual actions.

In 2013, a 9-year-old girl in our city suffered from leukemia. In order to take care of her, his father quit his job and his 14-year-old brother was facing dropout. Xie Jun contacted the father as soon as he knew it, donated 400 yuan and children's books, and continued to pay attention to the girl's treatment. The night before the girl had a bone marrow transplant in Shanghai, she kept crying because of fear, and the father called Xie Jun. After Xie Jun's patient guidance, the child's uneasy mood finally calmed down. The girls are now in good health and the two have established a deep friendship.

Love is passed on by fire

Doing your meager and doing useful things in society is the credo of Xie Jun and Zhou Xiaomei.

Both Xie Jun and his wife came from a difficult family in the countryside and realized that life was difficult. Whenever they learn from the media that some children have lost their childhood care and are facing a situation of dropping out of school, they are distressed. How can we help these children? As an ordinary wage earner, relying solely on meager donations is not a long-term solution. Xie Junsi wanted to decide to use his professional expertise to do something within the reach of children with family difficulties. After discussing with their wives and gaining support from the academy, they did public welfare activities in the form of paper-cut exhibitions, calling on the society to pay attention to and support left-behind children and families in need. During that time, the couple created their own work after returning home from work every day, often working late into the night, creating 106 works for more than half a year. With the support of Huaibei Vocational and Technical College, Xiangshan Federation of Trade Unions, and Nanli Sub-district Office, a large-scale charity paper-cut exhibition “Focus on Left-behind Children and Spread Love and Sunshine” was successfully held in the exhibition hall of the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions. Left-behind children within the jurisdiction of Li Street.

As long as there is love in your heart, you can help others and be happy. Xie Jun and Zhou Xiaomei believe that the seeds of love will take root and thrive in the hearts of children.

■ Reporter Wang Chenchen Correspondent Zhao Dong Photography trainee reporter Feng Shufeng

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