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Vastness of the world in the beginning

——Remember Xiao Bin, member of the CPPCC of Suixi County and director of Chenqiao Village, Shuangduji Town



"As a member of the county CPPCC, I must actively perform my duties and fulfill my responsibilities, play an active role in participating in politics, deliberating politics, and connecting with the people. Local business cards contribute. "On January 1, the first day of the new year of 2020, Xiao Bin, a member of the Political Consultative Conference of Suixi County and director of Chenqiao Village, Shuangduiji Town, wrote such a paragraph on the newly changed cover page of his notebook.

Pioneering tree model to get rid of poverty

Xiao Bin is 56 years old. He made a name for himself in the local area 30 years ago because of his daring to venture, and is a well-known rich man in Shuangdui Town.

In 1985, after graduating from high school, Xiao Bin, due to poverty in his family, was in a desperate situation. With the support of relatives and friends, he opened a store that sells construction materials such as cement, yellow sand, and stone. Due to the enthusiastic service, high quality and reasonable price, the number of customers is increasing, the business is getting bigger and stronger day by day, and the pockets are gradually bulging. After having the capital, he bought another transportation vehicle, purchased goods by himself, and delivered goods by himself, reducing the purchase cost of building materials, and then benefiting the common people, winning customers with word of mouth and trust. Fifteen years ago, Xiao Yuanzhuang villager Xiao Jicheng was forced to marry a child to build a new house. He was struggling to get enough money. The marriage was dragged on and on, and he took the initiative to come to his door after knowing it. The words warmed the heart of Xiao Jicheng's family and allowed the new house to start on schedule; Dawangzhuang villager Wang Yongsheng and his two sons have both grown up. In order to save money and time, they want to build two new houses together, but they still have A few tens of thousands of yuan, his family relationship of "should help each other if there are difficulties", made the frowning Wang Yongsheng smile, and the construction of the two houses also saved his family more than 10,000 yuan; Both are chronically ill patients, and they are inseparable from the "medicine jar", which results in financial difficulties for the family and the inability to renovate the new house. He sent the building materials worth 18,000 yuan and comforted them not to worry, when they had loose hands and when to return.

Good morality ushered in a good reputation. Xiao Bin was elected as the director of the Chenqiao Village Committee in September 2013, and was elected as a member of the 10th CPPCC in Luxi County in 2016. He joined the Communist Party of China in July 2018.

Help others show their love

"My business can develop to this day. We cannot leave our fathers and folks. We must not forget this. We must repay them for their support and help." After leaving poverty, Xiao Bin decided to repay the society and do his best to do good things for the masses. .

In the spring of 2014, Xiao Bin saw that the village center road had been in disrepair for a long time, and some of the road surface had a depression. He started by himself, paving the road surface with his own building materials for free, which made it easier for the villagers to travel; He lost his ability to work due to illness, and he donated money and materials to help with subsistence allowances, apply for inclusion in poor households, and arrange his family members to work in public welfare posts, solving practical difficulties in production and life; former Wangzhuang villager Wang Chao suffered from uremia and his family was trapped. In order to overcome poverty, he advocated and took the lead in donating 1,000 yuan; on the eve of the summer vacation in 2019, he purchased stationery and sports equipment worth more than 2,000 yuan and gave it to Luohe Elementary School to encourage students to study hard and use their knowledge to change their lives; Regular members of the old party member Zhu Hengsheng's home, ask for advice humbly, report work, send home to school, help solve life problems, and let the elderly feel the warmth of the organization and the care of the society.

"Xiao Bin is a good village chief of ours, and there are a lot of good things for the common people!" Later Li Yuanzhuang's centenarian Ding Guixiang's words had the most right to speak, and also expressed the aspirations of the people in Chenqiao Village.

Duty Model

After being elected to the CPPCC, Xiao Bin deepened his understanding of the CPPCC. Through his studies, he enhanced his sense of honor, pride, responsibility, and mission, actively fulfilled his duties, and demonstrated the true nature of a CPPCC member.

In recent years, Xiao Bin has been based in the countryside. Through research and visits, he has written 7 proposals and put forward 16 suggestions. He wrote the "Proposal on Setting Traffic Lights at Major Traffic Intersections in Rural Areas" in the light of the rapid increase of rural vehicles and the hidden dangers of traffic safety in recent years, which attracted the attention of the county-level CPPCC and received the support of relevant departments. Traffic lights are set at six major traffic intersections, and the project is under intense construction and is expected to be put into use before the Spring Festival this year. Based on the current situation of farmers' large land plots and small land, which is inconvenient for large-scale agricultural machinery farming operations and land transfer, he wrote " The Proposal on Contracting Small and Large Plots of Land by Farmers to Facilitate Large-scale Mechanical Operations and Land Circulation has attracted great attention from county leaders and relevant departments. At present, he has conducted surveys and investigations, and according to rural bus stops, the facilities are not obvious and operate. Issues such as unclear time and lack of enthusiasm for some drivers are currently in the process of drafting a "Proposal for Regulating the Operation of Rural Buses", which will be submitted at the 4th meeting of the 10th CPPCC.

At the same time, Xiao Bin also actively participated in various inspection, research and evaluation activities organized by the county CPPCC, closely linked to the center of economic and social development, familiarized with the current policies and guidelines, focused on rural priorities and difficulties, and focused on hot issues that the people care about. We will do a good job in investigating proposals, collecting and excavating social conditions and public opinions, and providing suggestions for rural development.

■ Reporter Wu Yongsheng, correspondent Fan Shengming photographic report

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